Have you been hiding away and playing small out of fear of rejection?

If resistance, feeling stuck and an inability to jump the hurdles have been holding you back, you are not alone, please read on. It is possible to heal your emotions by applying your innate power of intention, willingness and Love. What if you could actually heal your fear of rejection and of not being wanted or loved, beliefs of not being good enough or fear of doing it wrong and empower yourself at the same time? Are you willing and ready to embark on that self empowering journey? If you have had enough of not achieving your full potential and fearing the rejections of other people, if you know that you are living more from fear than from Love and are lacking the experience of Joy, then it might be time to step back into alignment with your true Self. You are longing to connect with others, expressing yourself authentically and BE the YOU you really are, deep inside. You would love to step out into the world hearing your own voice, making your own choices and shining your Light. But feelings of disappointment and rejection, not being wanted or not being good enough or always getting it wrong might all be contributing factors to your pain. You might get irritated or angry and then hurt, and at times you feel so frustrated with your life that you just want to shout it out to the world! And really you are just longing to come back Home to your true Self creating a much more fulfilling life. You have come to a point now, where you know something has to change. You might have tried different approaches to help yourself and you haven’t really gotten somewhere. In truth, you are longing for personal support, for someone you trust and feel safe with, who can lovingly guide you out of this painful situation, holding your hand when you need it while developing a sense of empowerment you have not had before.

I understand. I can feel your pain and I wish to help.

Hi! Welcome to Liberating Hearts!

My name is Carolina Cummins and I am here to assist spiritually minded women like you who had enough of hiding away and playing small by ending your suffering and guiding you to rediscover your Radiance. It is my wish to see you empowered, authentic and shining your light. You have many wonderful skills and talents to share and by doing so, your life becomes fulfilling, joyous and much more expansive.